Life isn’t always fair,
A cake walk for few,
And struggle for others,
Though darkness around,
Hoping for light,
At the end of the tunnel!

Hindi Poems

Kar Diya !!..

Jaan kar bhi anjanaa kar diya,
Un chand lamho ko bhi mujhse cheen liya,
Dil mai tha bahut kuch par keh na paya,
Mujhe ek chalaktae hue jaam ka paimana kar diya,

Kashish reh gayi sadiyo ke liye,
In aansoyoon ne mujhe tar batar kar diya,
Geela kagaz ban gaya hoon ab,
Na koi likh sake, na jala sake aisa haal kar diya..

Dil mai tha bahut kuch par keh na paya,
Mujhe ek chalaktae kyu jaam ka paimana kar diya!!

Hindi Poems

Kuch tum!

कुछ तुम आगे आए,
कुछ हमने कदम बढाये,
इतने करीब आ पहुंचे,
की बन गए हमारे साए,

कभी तुमको हंसाया हमने,
कभी गुदगुदा दिया तुमने,
आदत हों गयी की बैगैर तेरे,
मुस्कुराना बंद कर दिया इन होटों ने,

कुछ वो मेरी बातों को समझे ,
कुछ मै उनके जज्बातों को समझी,
ये अहसास इतने सुहाने है,
रहती हू मै इनमे खोयी खोयी,

कभी मैंने उन्हें सताया,
कभी वो रूठ गए हमसे,
पर डोर इतनी मज़बूत थी ,
खीच लायी हमेशा उन्हें ,

कुछ पल उन्होंने सजाये,
कुछ लम्हे हमने बनाये,
ये पल मेरी ज़िन्दगी में,
असीम खुशियाँ है लाये,

कभी तेरी ख़ुशी के लिए,
मैंने अपने गम भुलाये,
कभी तूने मेरे संग रोने के लिए,
अपने कीमती पल गवाए,
है इतना कुछ हमारे दरमियान,
जो भूले ना भूलाए,

कुछ  तुम  आगे  आए,
कुछ  हमने  कदम  बढाये,
इतने  करीब  आ  पहुंचे ,
की बन  गए हमारे  साए!!

My ArtBeats

Life is colorful !

Our lives are filled with color from the start,
and Red is the love that comes from our hearts.
Blue is the sadness that drips from our eyes,
but Black is the evil that makes us tell lies.

Green is the shade of jealousy and rage,
and Grey is the hair that comes with old age.
Purple is the mood most misunderstood,
but White is the color that Makes Us Feel Good.

Life is full of meaningful colors,
Ge the one which is right,
And hold on to it tight !
-by Lisa Winn

Life is colorful. You are the one who has to pick the right color to make it wonderful. So, choose wisely and make it lively 🙂

Hindi Poems

Yeh Ishq !

One more from my old stock .. I was just going through my diary.. Found this one.

Here it is.

कोसते है उस इश्क को,
जो अश्क बनके आता है,
बेवफाई किसी और की ,
और सजा कोई और पाता है ,

पूजते है उस इश्क को,
जो हमें जीना सिखलाता है,
उसकी एक मुस्कान में ,
पूरा जहां समां जाता है,

वो खुशनसीब होते है,
जहां इश्क इश्क को पाता  है,
कुछ किस्मत के मारे होते है,
जिन्हें यही इश्क तड़पता है,

मोहोब्बत होती है सच्ची सदा,
पर सबके दिल में बस्ती  नहीं,
एक बार जो करले अपना कब्ज़ा,
सब इसके बस में हों जाता है,

खुशाल करे, बेहाल करे,
सब इसकी मर्ज़ी होती है ,
कहने  को  चीज   है  छोटी  सी ,
पर  ज़िन्दगी  बदल  देती  है ,

कोसते है उस इश्क को,
जो अश्क बनके आता है,
पूजते है उस इश्क को,
जो हमें जीना सिखलाता है .


Key to happiness :)

Hello Friends,

Wish you all a very happy new year. May you all get loads of real happiness:)

Another year has started. Time is just flying. Isn’t it? The period given to each one of us is very limited.So, don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drown your own inner voice. Have faith in yourself and follow your heart. Everybody is unique and deserves the best. The quality of the time will be measured by the happiness it brought to you. And if you are happy, you will definitely make people around you cheerful.

That’s why we say “To spread Smile we need to have one with us”.

I want to share some thoughts with you. All of us already know it. It is just an effort to recollect these wonderful thoughts which can make us a better human being.  It is a key to happiness.

  1. Never Pretend : Be true to yourself. It’s always better to be original rather than being a duplicate of someone else. Don’t change your identity to please others. You can be happy with them only if they accept you the way you are.
  2. Relish small things: We generally overlook the happiness which we can get in little things. Be it as tiny as getting a new bed sheet to make your room lively!!  We just forget about the kid who is still there inside us. Make your life happening. Each day is special. It will come back to you in the form of good or bad memories. So why shouldn’t we take efforts to make it pleasant? Be with the people who enable you. Avoid being with those who bring negativity, depression.
  3. Mind your words: Think twice before saying anything. We are blessed with an ability to communicate. Make use of it carefully. Be sure your words don’t hurt others. You can always handle any situation in a better way without letting other person feel bad. Try to keep yourself in others shoes before judging any situation. Everybody s perspective towards life is different and that’s how we all are unique. Whatever you are thinking might not be right always.
  4. Be a good listener: People want someone by their side with whom they can talk, express how they feel, share little/ big happiness. But before expecting others to pay attention, be ready to listen to them, to respect their feelings and views.
  5. Be proactive: Don’t wait for others to do something for you. You should be responsible enough to handle your own things. Don’t be dependent on others for every minute thing.
  6. Be Helpful: Be kind, thoughtful, helpful to people around. Look for the reasons to assist others. Sometimes it’s good to sacrifice in order to see others happy. It’s a bliss feeling. If you are genuinely good to others, then at least 90% will be good to you.
  7. Listen to your heart: Don’t do things just for the sake of doing it. Life is too precious spending it doing something which you don’t like. Ask yourself “what you exactly want”,“what gives you real happiness”. Do things which bring you serenity, smile, contentment. But make sure you are not hurting anybody with your actions.
  8. Embrace mistakes: Everybody is prone to make mistakes. The more mistakes you make, the faster you learn .Accept it and try not repeating it again. Never wait to say sorry if you know that fault is yours.
  9. Spread smile: Bring happiness in other s life even if it’s very small. Your slightest effort might create a difference.
  10. Be open to criticism: It always brings you a new vision. Learn from every small instance which comes your way.
  11. Be positive: Believe in yourself. How can you expect others to believe you if you can’t trust your own abilities? Stop complaining about your problems and try to focus on the solution. If you can find out the positive side of anything, you can definitely live a richer life.
  12. Don’t compare: Never compare yourself with others and feel inferior. Comparison should always be healthy and it should motivate you towards good things in life.
  13. Live in the moment: Don’t let the past steal your present. Don’t let your memories be greater than your dreams. Live every moment.
  14. Stay connected: Keep in contact with your friends. Spend time with your close ones. Believe me it’s one of the best remedies to be happy.
  15. Never play with feelings.

I will try to follow these things. Each day should bring an improvement in us. Be happy and lively. Let’s make some conscious efforts to make this year the best one so far   🙂