Kya Kare!

This one is very close to my heart 🙂 I composed it long back but was not able to execute it.
Luckily i found Larry :):) He has given lovely music to my composition.Thanks a lot Larry for ur efforts 🙂

Here it is..

जब टूटे कोई सपना ,
जब रूठे कोई अपना ,
जब कोई बात दिल में रह जाये ,
जब सांस खुद में ही उलझ जाये ,
जब दुरिया कर दे बेचैन,
नजदीकियों में भी न हों चैन,

तो क्या करे क्या करे,
तो क्या करे क्या करे,
क्या न करे क्या करे ,
समझ ही नहीं॥

जब दिल में न हों आस ,
जब हों तेरी तलाश,
जब धड़कन कोई हरकत कर जाये ,
जब ख्वैशो के पर भी कट जाये ,
खामोशिया भी कहने लगे ,
तन्हैया भी कसने लगे,

तो क्या करे क्या करे ,
तो क्या करे क्या करे,
क्या न करे क्या करे,
समझ ही नहीं॥

Do let me know ur feedback 🙂


Saibo (shor in the city) – Guitar cover

This time I tried a beautiful song from a movie “shor in the city”. This song is there in my mind these days. I couldnt wait to sing it out..:):)

My version: ( saibo)

Please find the chords below.
(D)Maan yeh saheb ji,
Jan hai sab Ji,
Phir bhi banaye (Dsus2)bahane

(D)Naina nawabi ji,
Dekhe hai sab ji,
Phir bhi na samjhe (Dsus2)ishare,

(D)Maaan yeh saheb ji haan karta bahane,
(Bm)Naina nawabi ji na (D)samjhe (Dsus2)ishare,

Dheere (D)dhere naino ko ,
Dheere (Bm)dhere jiya ko,
Dheere (Dsus2)dhere bhayo re (A)saibo,

Dheere (D)dheere begaana ,
Dheere (Bm)dhere apna sa ,
Dheere (Dsus2)dheere laage se (A)saibo,

(D)Surkhiyan hai hawaon mein,
(Dsus2)Do dilon ki mil(A)ne ki,
(D)Ho ho arziyan hai nazaron mein,
(Dsus2)lamha yeh tham (A)jane ki,

(D)Kaise huzur ji yeh lab dikhlaye,
(Bm)Chuppi bhi lage ke bhi (D)gazab yeh (Dsus2)dhaye,

Dheere (D)dhere naino ko ,
Dhere (Bm)dhere jiya ko ,
Dheere (Dsus2)dhere bhayo re (A)saibo,

Dheere (D)dheere begaana,
Dheere (Bm)dhere apna sa ,
Dheere (Dsus2)dheere laage se (A)saibo.

Emptiness by Rohan Rathore

Emptiness!! …Tune mere jana kabhi nahi jana ishq mera dard mera …

Story Behind the song.

This song is sung by Rohan Rathore from IIT Guwahati for his love which was unfortunately one sided. He was suffering from cancer and died just after recording this song. 

I read somewhere that it’s just a cooked up story used for the marketing of the song.To me, It really doesnt matter whether it is a true story or not because the feel this song has got is so REAL .

Atleast 70% of the junta out there suffers from this syndrome called One- Sided love. This song is actually dedicated to all those who feels that somewhere emptiness belong to them.  Though they are surrounded by the whole world but still the person who can take away the loneliness is missing!! ..Hope you find him/her soon 🙂 🙂

My version of Emptiness :

(Please bear with my mistakes. It is just an attempt to sing this song)

Lyrics with translation

Oh love of mine, with a song and a whine,

You’re harsh and divine like truths and a lie.

But the tale ends not here,

I have nothing to fear,

for my love is a yell of forgiving and hold on.

In the bright emptiness, in a room full of it,

is a cruel mistress – wohh hoo..

I feel this unrest, that nests all hollowness,

for I have nowhere to go and I’m cold.

And I feel so lonely yeah…

There’s a better place than this, emptiness.

And I’m so lonely yeah…

There’s a better place than this, emptiness yei yei yeii yeeh..

Aa.. aa.. aa…

Tune mere jaana.., kabhi nahin jaana.., (oh my love, You have never realized)

Ishq mera, dard mera.. haaye.. (My love and my pain)

Tune mere jaana, kabhi nahin jaana,

Ishq mera, dard mera

Aashiq tera…   ( your lover)

Bheed mein khoya rehta hai… ( lost in this crowd)

Jaane jahaan….  (my love)

Poocho toh itna kehta hai –  ( if asked, he just says..)

That I feel so lonely yeah…

There’s a better place than this, emptiness…

And I’m so lonely yeah…

There’s a better place than this, emptiness yei yei yei… ya..

Dil chahe..

Found one more from the pages of my diary..

Kabhi dil chahe kuch karna,
To rab kuch aur hi chahe,
Jab sab kuch suljha lage,
To ajeeb archane saamne aaye,

Jab hum the in sab se door,
Cheeje assan se lagti thi,
Jab humko hua kuch mehsoos,
To lag raha hai ab sab door,

Zindagi na jane kyu,
Majak karti hai,
Zab deti hai to
Hum lete nahi,
Aaur jab lete hai to cheen ne,
Ki koshis karti hai,

Yeh khuda tu hi bata de,
Akhir teri marzi hai kya,
Aashayon ke diye jalakar,
Unhe ab tu na bujha,

Maine jo tujhse maanga,
Wo tere liye badi baat nahi,
Par uski zaroorat hai kitni,
Uska tujhe abaas nahi,

Is keemti tohfe ko,
Baksh de meri jholi me,
Khusiya de rahi hai dastak,
Unhe bhej de meri kholi me,

Kaash jaisa dil mera chahe,
Rab waise hi faisla sunaye,
Aur meri yeh fariyaad,
Us tak jaldi hi pahuch jaye!!

Hotel California :)

Hello Friends,

I started learning guitar few months back (Just a beginner).It’s always nice to share the knowledge. So i thought of blogging few songs which i am learning.All the songs will be mostly in open chords.I still have to learn Barr Chords 🙂

Guitar is an amazing instrument to play.Though its little tough and it requires continuous practice. But if you are really interested in learning something, you will end up getting it anyhow   🙂  🙂

Here is beautiful song “Hotel California“.

To play this song without barr chords, we need a capo to be placed on the second fret.

Chords used :  Am,E,G,D,F,C,Dm

Strumming Pattern : D D DU UDD

You can add an extra “UD”  at the end of each line to make it sound continuous.



Am                         E

On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair

G                         D

Warm smell of colitas rising up through the air

F                        C

Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light


My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim


I had to stop for the night

Am                                 E

There she stood in the doorway;  I heard the mission bell


And I was thinking to myself


This could be heaven or this could be hell

F                         C

Then she lit up a candle, and she showed me the way


There were voices down the corridor,


I thought I heard them say…


F                         C

Welcome to the Hotel California.

E                   Am

Such a lovely place, such a lovely face

F                                      C

There’s Plenty of room at the Hotel California

Dm                          E

Anytime of year,(anytime of year) You can find us here…

Here is a link to a Wonderful tutorial video which i found on youtube

Good Luck  🙂

A beautiful story

A beautiful story

I came across this beautiful Love Story. Thought of sharing it with you all 🙂
The passengers on the bus watched sympathetically as the attractive young woman with the white cane made her way carefully up the steps. She paid the driver and, using her hands to feel the location of the seats, walked down the aisle and found the seat he’d told her was empty. Then she settled in, placed her briefcase on her lap and rested her cane against her leg.
It had been a year since Susan became blind. Due to a medical misdiagnosis she had been rendered sightless, and she was suddenly thrown into a world of darkness, anger, frustration and self-pity. ‘How could this have happened to me?’ she would plead, her heart knotted with anger. But no matter how much she cried or ranted or prayed, she knew the painful truth, her sight was never going to return. A cloud of depression hung over Susan’s once optimistic spirit.All she had to cling to was her husband Mark.
Mark was an Air Force officer and he loved Susan with all his heart.When she first lost her sight, he watched her sink into despair and was determined to help his wife gain the strength she needed to become independent again.
Finally, Susan felt ready to return to her job, but how would she get there? She used to take the bus, but was now too frightened to get around the city by herself. Mark volunteered to drive her to work each day, even though they worked at opposite ends of the city. At first, this comforted Susan and fulfilled Mark’s need to protect his sightless wife who was so insecure about performing the slightest task. Soon, however Mark realized that this arrangement wasn’t working – it was hectic, and costly.
Susan is going to have to start taking the bus again, he admitted to himself. But just the thought of mentioning it to her made him cringe.She was still so fragile, so angry. How would she react? Just as Mark predicted, Susan was horrified at the idea of taking the bus again. “I’m blind!” she responded bitterly. “How am I supposed to know where I’m going?I feel like you’re abandoning me.”
Mark’s heart broke but he knew what had to be done. He promised Susan that each day he would ride the bus with her until she got the hang of it.
And that is exactly what happened. For two solid weeks, Mark, militaryuniform and all, accompanied Susan to and from work each day. He taught her how to rely on her other senses to determine where she was and how to adapt to her new environment. He helped her befriend the bus drivers who could watch out for her, and save her a seat. Each morning they made the journey together, and Mark would take a cab back to his office.
Although this routine was even more costly and exhausting than the previous one, Mark knew it was only a matter of time before Susan would be able to ride the bus on her own. Finally, Susan decided that she was ready to try the trip on her own.
Monday morning arrived, and before she left, she threw her arms around Mark, her temporary bus riding companion, her husband, and her best friend. Her eyes filled with tears of gratitude for his loyalty, his patience, his love.She said good-bye, and for the first time, they went their separateways.Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…. Each day on her own wentperfectly, and Susan had never felt better.
On Friday morning, Susan took the bus to work as usual. As she was paying for her fare to exit the bus, the driver said, “Boy, I sure envy you.”Susan wasn’t sure if the driver was speaking to her or not. After all, who on earth would ever envy a blind woman who had struggled just to find the courage to live for the past year? “Why do you envy me?”
The driver responded, “It must feel so good to be taken care of and protected like you are.”Susan had no idea what the driver was talking about, “What do you mean?” The driver said, “You know, every morning for the past week, a fine looking gentleman in a military uniform has been standing across the corner watching you when you get off the bus. He makes sure you cross the street safely and he watches you until you enter your office building. Then he blows you a kiss, gives you a little salute and walks away. You are one lucky lady.”
Tears of happiness poured down Susan’s cheeks. For although she couldn’t see him, she had always felt Mark’s presence. She was blessed, so blessed, for he had given her a gift more powerful than sight, a gift she didn’t need to see to believe – the gift of love that can bring light where there had been darkness.
“You don’t love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her…”
So if you love someone be faithful to that person.