With you near me..

With u near me,
I could feel ur breath,
Lying on ur shoulder,
Holding ur hands,

You are the half ,
That made me whole,
You are the one,
Who has touched  my soul,

With u near me,
Long i could walk,
Without saying a word,
Could listen to silent soul talks,

Never restrict urself,
From letting me know,
As m ur part and,
I have rights to grow,

With u near me,
I get intense happiness,
And untouched feelings,
ll be flowing continuous,

You are strong ,
When I am weak
You are the words ,
When I can’t speak

With u near me,
My worries disappears,
Someone loves me ,
Without any fear,

With you near me,
Or somewhere far away,
ll always be there,
To share whatever comes ur way

With u near me ,
Very special I feel,
You are mine forever,
Not a dream its real:)

Nothing in my life,
Is more prior than u,
In this bizarre world,
Am lucky..I found you!!



  1. Payal · March 8, 2010


  2. Rakesh · March 8, 2010

    Woww.. Its Amazing…Picture is also too good.Have you made it?

  3. moin · March 8, 2010

    Amazing stuff from you..once again…nice one…

  4. Monika Arya · March 8, 2010

    Thanks a lot guys 🙂
    @Rakesh .. Yeah..I have made the sketch ..

    @Moin..Thanks a lot ..Glad u liked it 🙂

  5. Anonymous · March 8, 2010

    hmmmmmmmm awesome yaar…. 🙂
    kya baat hai……talented persinality hai aap to 😉

  6. Anonymous · March 9, 2010

    Well written..

  7. Anonymous · March 9, 2010

    Its a lovely poem.Keep it up!

  8. Arpit Agarwal · March 10, 2010

    Well done!

  9. Girish · May 20, 2010


  10. Saurabh Gupta · July 27, 2010

    lovely poem! 🙂

  11. vetti · November 8, 2010

    “You are strong ,
    when I am weak
    You are the words ,
    When I can’t speak”

    Great lines .. keep up the great work.


    • Anonymous · November 8, 2010

      tooo good, as usual

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