Choked Again !

Am choked again, State uncertain, Wind still whispers his name, It’s driving me insane! Want to cry loud, Scream and shout, This wretched feeling, Slowly shaking me out, Trusted him blindly, Was soaring high, I was crushed, When i caught him in a lie, Life has joked enough, Existence became unknown, All this agony, I…

Cute Expressions!

Hiiii Friends, My Clicks !! … Tried with banana , brinjal and apple 🙂 NEVER  LET  GO !! FRIENDS FOREVER ! NO PANGA LENE KA 🙂

Follow your dreams!

I had fallen in love with this sketch the moment i saw somewhere on net ..Couldnt resist myself from drawing it :):) Made it last night :)…Hope you all will like it. Truly said       “Eyes are an ocean in which dreams are reflected “ Follow ur dreams..Never give up !