Choked Again !

Am choked again,
State uncertain,
Wind still whispers his name,
Itโ€™s driving me insane!

Want to cry loud,
Scream and shout,
This wretched feeling,
Slowly shaking me out,

Trusted him blindly,
Was soaring high,
I was crushed,
When i caught him in a lie,

Life has joked enough,
Existence became unknown,
All this agony,
I have swallowed alone,

Sinking inside,
Mind slowly erodes,
Inert feelings,
Am a chaotic soul,

Retentions make me smile,
Memoirs make me cry,
I wish one day,
All tears would dry

I regret our encounter,
Want to let go things,
To flutter again,
Need back my wings,

Taxed hard to come out,
But miserably failed,
Stuck with untold recalls,
I am choked again!!


With you near me..

With u near me,
I could feel ur breath,
Lying on ur shoulder,
Holding ur hands,

You are the half ,
That made me whole,
You are the one,
Who has touchedย  my soul,

With u near me,
Long i could walk,
Without saying a word,
Could listen to silent soul talks,

Never restrict urself,
From letting me know,
As m ur part and,
I have rights to grow,

With u near me,
I get intense happiness,
And untouched feelings,
ll be flowing continuous,

You are strong ,
When I am weak
You are the words ,
When I can’t speak

With u near me,
My worries disappears,
Someone loves me ,
Without any fear,

With you near me,
Or somewhere far away,
ll always be there,
To share whatever comes ur way

With u near me ,
Very special I feel,
You are mine forever,
Not a dream its real:)

Nothing in my life,
Is more prior than u,
In this bizarre world,
Am lucky..I found you!!

Deeply In Love :)

Date : Feb 21st, 2010

A very special day for a very special couple.This one is a small gift from my side to you both.Sorry am a little late.I have just tried capturing your feelings in this poem.Hope you will like it ๐Ÿ™‚

Congratulation guys!!.. for adding one more beautiful year to your lifetime treasure ๐Ÿ™‚
“Kapil and Apurva”.. God Bless You both !! (one of the best couple i have come across ๐Ÿ™‚ :))

Whether i m sitting with grief,
Or feeling a relief,
From the moment I wake up,
Till the time I go to sleep,
Even in my dreams ,
My love for you runs deep.

Deeper than the ocean,
Faster than heart beat,
You are there in my emotion,
Part of me..I treat!.

If it takes my whole life ,
With whatever comes my way,
I will keep you happy,
Each and every day.

With little of complaint,
And few of fight,
I ll be there to love u,
But I want you as my light.

When I see your charm,
With your lovely face aglow,
Want to hold you in my arms ,
And never let you go.

Sometimes u may feel,
Why do i expect so much,
You do whatever you can,
With no mistakes as such,

I know everything but still,
Don’t know why i create fuss,
I know you ll be there for me ,
Coz we love each other very much.

Whenever you feel alone,
Just close ur eyes,
You would find my soul there,
To embrace u from all sides.

I get heavenly happiness,
When am with you,
The eternal thing for me is ,
I m “Deeply In Love “with you :):)

Waiting for the moment …

Its time for celebration :):) I am very happy ..Thought of sharing it with my friends also..My didi is getting married on coming feb 7, 2010 and am really very very happy for her.Love Marriage :):) ..Initially there was some caste problem going on but “wo kehte hai na ki agar kisi ko sacchae dil se chaho to poori kayanat use tumse milane me lag jaati hai ” :):).. After all the struggle and hard time ,they are going to be together for lifetime:):)..

Few lines from my side describing her feelings….

You are my love, You are my life,
Waiting for the moment when i will be your wife .

Life was never so beautiful before,
Is there anything left which i could ask for?
Your true love is my biggest strength,
I feel , am the richest person whenever i hold ur hands,
Loving you is all that I know,
Everyday i thank god for giving me one more day with u ,

You are my love, You are my life,
Waiting for the moment when i will be your wife .

You are my destiny, You make me feel lost in your gaze,
Your love is so sweet and so wonderful, sometimes i am amazed,
Doing smallest possible thing for u also gives me lots of pleasure,
Your presence in my life is a life long treasure,
Never can deny my love for you ,
Even after going from this world, I will be loving you .

You are my love, You are my life,
Waiting for the moment when i will be your wife .

My heartiest wishes to my didi and jiju :):).. Am also waiting for feb 7,2010 ๐Ÿ™‚