Cocoon of Sorrow !


Feels like am drowning in a cocoon of sorrow ,
Wish there was any happiness I could borrow !



Choked Again !

Am choked again,
State uncertain,
Wind still whispers his name,
It’s driving me insane!

Want to cry loud,
Scream and shout,
This wretched feeling,
Slowly shaking me out,

Trusted him blindly,
Was soaring high,
I was crushed,
When i caught him in a lie,

Life has joked enough,
Existence became unknown,
All this agony,
I have swallowed alone,

Sinking inside,
Mind slowly erodes,
Inert feelings,
Am a chaotic soul,

Retentions make me smile,
Memoirs make me cry,
I wish one day,
All tears would dry

I regret our encounter,
Want to let go things,
To flutter again,
Need back my wings,

Taxed hard to come out,
But miserably failed,
Stuck with untold recalls,
I am choked again!!