With you near me..

With u near me,
I could feel ur breath,
Lying on ur shoulder,
Holding ur hands,

You are the half ,
That made me whole,
You are the one,
Who has touchedĀ  my soul,

With u near me,
Long i could walk,
Without saying a word,
Could listen to silent soul talks,

Never restrict urself,
From letting me know,
As m ur part and,
I have rights to grow,

With u near me,
I get intense happiness,
And untouched feelings,
ll be flowing continuous,

You are strong ,
When I am weak
You are the words ,
When I can’t speak

With u near me,
My worries disappears,
Someone loves me ,
Without any fear,

With you near me,
Or somewhere far away,
ll always be there,
To share whatever comes ur way

With u near me ,
Very special I feel,
You are mine forever,
Not a dream its real:)

Nothing in my life,
Is more prior than u,
In this bizarre world,
Am lucky..I found you!!