I feel lucky !

I was passing by a park, when I saw an old couple begging. This amazed me for the very odd reason that they were doing it “together”.  By this thought, you must have understood how difficult “maintaining” relationships have become these days.  I have seen people run away from each other, just because they are “used” to each other or they want some “space” or they just “fell out of love”.

Now this makes me ask a very simple question. What is love?  Currently, love is overrated, not because it does not exist,but just because it is misinterpreted. People like to think that they “love” someone and give their lives for them but they fail to understand to deal with the fact that nobody is worth your life except for the ones who gave you life. Love according to me is just a phase of life that you share with this wonderful person who you are lucky enough to be with. This “love” seems to always fade away, coz you get used to being around the person all the time and you are used to feeling “lucky”. Break up is a very normal word now a days, the reason being “not compatible” or “fell out of love” or the most stupidest “started loving someone else” or “dont love him/her anymore”.

Well, I am too small to judge what exactly love is but the way the two old people were there for each other rather than being with each other in the worst of times makes me believe that this is what love is all about. I would think that these old people are having the best of the times because even when they had nothing to eat or drink they looked content wid having each other than having the rest of the world with them.

I bet there will be like this one in a billion and I am lucky enough to have seen atleast one of them.